7 July 2018


Russian Culture Center


100 Seats


8 Speakers

About TEDxYouthKamalPokhari

TEDx event is events of events. It is a front row seat to see what shapes up in the technology, business, science, design, arts and much more.
It is a knowledge sharing platform – a place where curiosity is the glue that binds people together.

Our event TEDxyouth@Kamalpokhari concerns such shifts in our values, perspectives and ideas, our theme is “Changing Currents”; “Changing currents. We are seeing rapid changes in every aspect of life; from medical research, transportation to the way we use our phone camera.
”“Changing currents”, because we believe that swift changes in our mindsets alter our destination.

“Changing currents” it will be giving voice to local heroes in a bid to bring positive changes in society. It will feature inspirational stories of these heroes waiting to for their ideas to be shared